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Meet Emily and baby Clara

My baby was born one month early and in the NICU for a full week. My daughter, Clara, was only four and half pounds and had to be in an incubator. This was a stressful time for both of us. I wanted to do everything that I could possibly do to help my daughter thrive. I knew about the importance of breast milk and how it can provide a baby with essential nutrients, especially a baby born prematurely.  So, I was elated when I was able to get things set up with the Mothers Milk Cooperative.

As a single parent with only one income, I knew that I could not afford donor breast milk. I am so grateful for the “Pay It Forward” program. My daughter is doing wonderfully. She had a lot of reflux issues and discomfort and since she has had the breast milk, she is so much better. Also, she gained weight rapidly. She is now five months and over 14 pounds already! She sleeps through the night, and everyone is always commenting on her peaceful and happy nature. She is thriving and healthy! I feel so blessed.