No Freezing. No Thawing. No Kidding.

Are you working on implementing Joint Commission Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding at your hospital?


Over the last ten years, the tide has certainly turned for the use of human milk. What was once met with sometimes disgust by some (really!), is now widely embraced as the next best thing to mother’s own; particularly, in light of the following JCHO Breast Feeding Core Measure:

  • PC05 – Exclusive Breast milk feeding from birth until discharge from the hospital of newborns >36 wks gestation.*

At Medolac, we have seen the transformation of an incredible number of hospitals not only implementing the use of donor milk in their NICU, but also in postpartum, and even for use at discharge. We have found that with the improved safety profile of a commercially-sterile product, and the ease of use of a shelf-stable (stored at room temperature) donor human milk – the process of a hospital adopting the use of donor milk is not a challenge and can easily take the place of infant formula for supplemental feeds, and more.

Last but not least, with increasing affordability of donor milk we have seen expansion of protocols for use of Co-op Donor Milk. It is extremely encouraging to witness the mission of our organization come to life – to improve safety, access, ease of use, and affordability of human milk so that eventually, every baby who needs milk will have the access they need.

For up to date information on this measure click here (thank you Catherine!)

* Hospitals with >1100 births per year.

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