Our Donors


Donor Program

As a company founded by women, we believe women’s contributions should be recognized, valued and rewarded. That’s why our donors own the Mothers Milk Cooperative milk bank, have a say in its management and get paid for their efforts (or they can donate their milk for babies whose families can’t afford it)

Medolac works in partnership with the Mother’s Milk Coop.

Milk Money

Many women have a surplus of breast milk after having a baby. Participating in the Milk Money program means that our donors can provide potentially life-saving nutrition for pre-term babies while earning an income. Milk Money can help mothers cover expenses like diapers, start putting money away in a college fund or even help them create a fund for family vacations and activities. Mothers Milk Coop donors understand the importance of breast milk and they feel strongly about helping other babies in need.

Pay it Forward

Giving back is central to our mission and we understand that there are donors who would also like to give back.  Rather than receiving payment, these donors can choose to provide milk to our Pay It Forward program and donate their milk to a baby in need.  We will process the milk for free and donate it, or provide it at very low cost, to families who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

The Pay it Forward Program has provided almost 52,000 ounces of milk to those would have otherwise been denied access. Medolac is also committed to supporting disaster relief efforts by supplying donated breastmilk for infants in need when appropriate.

Donor Selection

Our donor milk is subject to the most rigorous testing in the milk banking industry.

We take great care to screen all of our donors thoroughly.  They must pass all the screening and submit a note from their doctor that they are fit to be donors.  In addition to the donor screening, their milk is screened when it arrives at the facility. 

  • Extensive online questionnaire for pre-qualification
  • Donors are screened for HIV 1 and 2, HTLV I and II, HBV, HCV, Syphilis, West Nile Virus and Chagas Disease (T. cruzi)
  • Labcorp draws blood for our donors at 1,500 locations 
  • All donors are retested every 6 months 

Donor Stories

Meet Emily and Baby Clara

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our MMC Donor-Members, we’ve been able to collect enough Pay It Forward donor milk to provide baby Clara with her own special supply. Read Emily’s story below and learn how our Pay It Forward program impacted their lives.

Meet Laura and Baby Everett

Laura hated milk banks because her son was denied donor milk.  We have heard too many stories like this.  It’s not right.  Every baby who needs donor milk should receive it.  That’s why we’re committed to increasing access to safe and affordable premium-quality donor milk for every baby in need.


“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”